How to use the Logistics API


The Logistics API section is reserved for partners who have a contract with Withings. You will not be able to access it without specific privileges. Please refer to the Usage authorisation section in order to request access.

The Logistics API provides a set of functions to facilitate the use cases described in the table below.

Dropship non-cellular devices to end users
  1. The Createorder API can be used to ship non-cellular devices directly to programme members (see below for cellular devices option)
  2. The createorder API does not include device setup or account creation. When using createorder API, setup must be performed by the end user through the Withings SDK or Withings app
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Activate cellular devices before or after shipment
  1. Calling the Activate API is required for providers that choose to ship devices to their members using their own logistics
  2. The Activate API will activate cellular connectivity and return the necessary tokens to retrieve data from the devices.
This API is reserved for partners using the Withings Cellular Data Hub or Withings Cellular devices.
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Dropship and Activate cellular devices
  • Withings also provides the option to dropship and activate cellular devices or cellular kits to your programme member in one API call (createuserorder).
  • This API is necessary for providers using Withings logistics to ship setup-less cellular devices to their programme member
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