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Welcome to Withings Developer Portal. Discover the services we offer, and all the tools you need to integrate them. You will be able to create applications using Withings devices and the wide variety of health data they record, including weight, body fat, activity, sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, PWV, and more.

Important news

01/18/22 - New Developer Portal :
We're working every day to improve our documentation. This new major version was built to provide integration guides for our main integration use cases. We would love to hear what you think about this new version, please let us know by answering these 5 questions

01/18/22 - End of support of Withings API services :
Deprecated access and refresh tokens endpoints will stop working on February 8th. Learn more

Other news

01/18/22 - Logistic API update - better handling of replacement orders :
For replacement orders, the order update notifications will now include an is_replacement boolean property as well as an original_customer_ref property, which will make finding the initial order easier for our partners.

01/18/22 - WASO parameter definition update :
WASO parameter will be updated to take into account both awake time while lying in bed, and starting from now, phases where the user is out of bed. Learn more


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