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Withings EU Medical Cloud / Public Cloud (HIPAA/HDS)

Based in France, our EU Medical Cloud / Public Cloud is GDPR compliant, HDS, HIPAA and ISO 27001:2017 certified.
By design, our privacy policy ensures that user data is safely collected.

Withings US Medical Cloud (HIPAA)

Withings complies with HIPAA rules and regulations so that our services can be more effectively integrated by entities that are covered by HIPAA. Our US Medical Cloud is a US based, ISO 27001:2017 certified and HIPAA compliant.

Using our US Medical Cloud services is an option made available to our partners upon request. Please contact us to learn more.

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About Withings Clouds

Withings is committed to create certified environments enabling health professionals to expand medical knowledge from multiple platforms following a unified and secure protocol. More and more use cases are supported by our environments.

Our teams, infrastructures and services follow best in class security practices, including:

  • Strong authentication mechanisms, including OAuth 2.0 for partner applications authentication;
  • Secure data, both on disk and in motion across a network connection;
  • Secure coding practices at all levels of development;
  • Frequent security audits;
  • Dedicated security team.

For extensive information about our security policy:

Read Withings Security Insurance Plan

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