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Understand our timeline for notices

Withings may, at its sole discretion, change, improve and bring corrections to its services. When making critical updates to services, previous version of the services may become deprecated or forbidden.

Withings will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you of any changes to its services through notifications (as described in the the Tracking changes section). Changes to the services may have an adverse effect on partner applications using the services. Withings will not be liable towards you or third parties for such changes or any adverse effects resulting from such changes.

As part of our change policy, we've also established a timeline for how we classify changes and when they will take effect.


Change CategoryDescriptionTime to deployment
Normal ChangesThese are β€œbusiness as usual” changes which are expected to make up the majority of the changes. There is no impact on partner integration. No action required on partner integration of the ServiceNo notification
Major ChangesThere are either breaking changes that have an impact on partner integration of the service (e.g. changes to a web service response body), or changes to a business critical service. There is an action to be carried out on partner integration of the service. The change will be automatically released for production on the planned release date. In the meantime, the partner will be able to test and integrate the change (refer to the upcoming releases testing and integration)One month - Up to three months for a Business Critical change
Emergency ChangesWhile all changes that may be necessary should be anticipated and planned, there will be times when business requirements will require changes to be made in an emergency. Withings will use commercially reasonable efforts to solve any issue that impacts internal or external β€œlive” systems and requires implementation in order to resolve (or prevent) a current high priority incident or problem.No notification - Up to two weeks

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