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Ship and activate devices

Using the Withings Logistics API, it is possible to dropship Cellular devices directly to your end-users and fetch the data. In this use case, Withings is in charge of the logistics and the shipments to your end-users. The shipped devices will be pre-activated so the unboxing is seamless for the end-user.

Placing an order is done by calling the createuserorder webservice. This webservice also activates the device by taking user information as a parameter. An authorization code will be returned as an output parameter and you will see later in the integration guide how you can use this code to access your user's health data.

Testing your integration

A testmode parameter is available for you to test your integration without actually sending physical devices. Do not forget to remove this parameter from your calls once your integration is completed.

Step by step implementation

Here is the ordered list of the endpoint you will call:

The following flow provides a correct implementation of the endpoints for this use case
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What if your are using the Withings HUB
You may use the Withings HUB to connect other Withings devices to the Internet. The API implementation works the same for this use case. The only difference is that the Withings devices will connect to the Withings HUB first (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to get access to the Internet.

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