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Recover authorization code

In the event you were to lose access to a valid refresh_token for a user belonging to your namespace, you can recover an access to that user's data by asking a new authorization code with the recover authorization code webservice. Using this authorization code, you'll be able to recover a valid access_token and refresh_token, as described in the corresponding section of the documentation.


Although recovering access to your user's data using the recover authorization code webservice can seem convenient, most of the time having to do so is the sign of an integration defect, most commonly:

  • the integration does not replace former refresh_token with the new one, resulting at some point in the refresh_token validity to expire.
  • the integration might have instabilities that result in not correctly saving in database your newly access_token and refresh_token from time to time. To get a full understanding on how to keep access_token and refresh_token valid so that you do not need to implement this webservice please refer to the dedicated documentation section.

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