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Available services

The Advanced Research API consists of 3 webservices :

Rawdata v2 - Activate

This service allows to request the activation of Raw Data collection on a specific device already setup, and set the date at which the raw data collection will stop (enddate). The raw data capture will be activated as soon as the watch is able to sync with the Withings app following the Rawdata v2 - Activate API call. The capture will stop automatically at the enddate provided in the Rawdata v2 - Activate API call.


Raw data activation will put the Withings device in a specific mode that will disable all features except raw data capture. Raw data activation will strongly impact battery life of the device, it will typically drop four to seven times faster when raw data capture is activated. For Withings ScanWatch, continuous collection of raw data would reduce battery life to 3-4 days. We advise that you find the right balance between collecting raw data and optimizing battery life for your users.

Rawdata v2 - Deactivate

The role of this service is to de-activate raw data capture. Raw Data de-activation will occure as soon as the Withings device is able to sync with the Withings app.

Rawdata v2 - Get

The role of this service is to fetch raw data of a specific type that were previously captured by the Withings device. Detailled information about the data structure can be found in the Raw Data structure section.


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