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Withings US Medical Cloud is not available for Public API integration. This page links are EU Medical Cloud / Public Cloud links. If you are required for your integration to be HIPAA compliant, please get in touch with our team so that we can discuss your use case.

Our EU Medical Cloud / Public Cloud is available for free.

About free accounts limitations

Create your Application

First, create the Withings account that will be used for your integration. Although using your personal Withings account is possible, we recommend that you create a new account for your organization. Creating an Application will provide you with a cliendId and client_secret that you will use to access our services.

Create an application

Take note of your target endpoint

Please use the following endpoint for all requests you will perform on our APIs :

Developer Dashboard - Access your application information at any time

In the future, you can access and update your application information (such as your client_id and client_secret) by visiting your Withings Developer Dashboard :

Go to Developer Dashboard

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Please log in to your Developer Dashboard in order to file a request.