Raw Data API (coming soon)

Through the "Raw Data API", Withings gives access to the device's sensors so you are able to record advanced data from patients/participants in the lab or at home.

If you are interested in getting early access to Raw Data API, please contact us here.


3-axis Accelerometer: Withings trackers are mounted with a MEMS accelerometer that samples at 25hz by default (up to 100Hz).

PPG Sensor: Withings devices use optical methods to detect blood volume changes in the microvascular bed. Depending on the Withings device, you will have access to a PPG sensor with either three LEDS (green, red and infrared) or just one LED (Green).

Optimised battery life: Start/Stop recording API activates raw data capture only when you require it. Raw data capture impacts the advertised battery life of Withings trackers. Usual battery drain is multiplied by between four and seven when raw data capture is activated (decreasing from one month to one week when raw data is activated 24/7).

Consent management: specific user permission is required in order to be allowed to start recording raw data with a Withings device. You must request the user.rawdata permission during the authorisation flow (refer to the OAuth 2.0 application flow).