Order update notifications

Withings API provides notification system to keep you informed of any order updates.

Important information

  • In order to receive order update notifications you may need to contact your network administrator to make sure connections from Withings IP addresses are permitted. Refer to the TXT record from ipblock-notify.withings.net for the range(command: dig +short TXT ipblock-notify.withings.net). Withings will update this record at least one week prior to any change. Make sure you monitor it. Please contact us if your app is hosted on our HIPAA/HDS Cloud.**
  • Notifications are sent as POST calls with parameters set in the body request as form-data parameters (not in the URL).

How to receive order update notifications

To implement the notification system, you must provide the Dropshipment notify URI in your Developer dashboard or HIPAA Developer dashboard if you are working with the HIPAA cloud.

The notification will be sent to your dropshipment notify URL by default (no subscription required).

Description of parameters

The following table describes the POST parameters that the Withings server will send to your callback URL upon a notification request.

customer_idstringYour dropshipment billing ID
customer_refstringRandom identifier provided in Dropshipment v2 - Createorder or Dropshipment v2 - Createuserorder
statusstringOrder status
carrierstringCourier (only if the order has been shipped)
carrier_servicestringCourier service (only if the order has been shipped)
tracking_numberstringTracking number (only if the order has been shipped)
parcel_statusstringParcel status (only if the order has been shipped)

How to handle order status properly

  • ADDRESS VERIFICATION: the order was created and the address sent to the courrier for verification. Please use an Address verification service in order to validate the Address of your order before sending it to Withings API.

  • ADDRESS ERROR: the address provided is not a valid address. This status will be rendered synchronously when calling the createorder or createuserorder API. If one or more orders qualify as "ADDRESS ERROR", the request will fail and the orders won't be created in Withings systems. If status returned is ADDRESS ERROR and you still want Withings to process the order, please retry the request and use the force_address option in the order model.

  • VERIFIED: the address provided is a valid address.

  • PROCESSING: the order is being sent to Withings logistics

  • FAILED: the order failed to be sent to Withings logistics.

  • OPEN: the order was successfully received by Withings logistics

  • SHIPPED: the order was shipped to the address provideds

  • TRASHED: the order has been cancelled. This status will be returned through order update notification. Please contact Withings if you think your order has been cancelled by mistake.

  • BACKHOLD: the order is on hold. This can happen for different reason (unavailable product, delays in supply chain...).