Withings HIPAA/HDS Cloud

The Withings HIPAA/HDS Cloud is an option available to Withings partners upon request.

Withings complies with HIPAA rules and regulations so that our services can be more effectively integrated by entities that are covered by HIPAA. By design, our privacy policy also ensures that user data is safely collected.

Please contact us via our contact form available on this page to learn more about the Withings HIPAA and HDS Cloud, and our custom solutions.

  • You will not be able to access the Withings HIPAA cloud until you sign a Business Associate Agreement with Withings.
  • If you plan to test the Withings API before gaining access to the HIPAA Cloud, you can do this against our Withings non-HIPAA cloud, as the APIs are identical. When your HIPAA environment is ready, you will need to create a new HIPAA developer application and target the HIPAA endpoint.