Register with Withings Public API


If you have a contract with Withings that includes the use of the Withings HIPAA and HDS Cloud, please DO NOT follow this procedure. Instead, follow the procedure described in the HIPAA section.

Get ready

  • Firstly, create the Withings account that will be used for your integration here. You can use your personal Withings account, however we recommand that you create a new account for your organisation.
  • Create a new Withings Developer Application here.

Public endpoint

Please use the following endpoint for all requests you will perform on the Withings Public Cloud :

Do not use Withings HIPAA cloud endpoint (

Access your application information later

In the future, you can access your Withings Developer Dashboard here in order to modify your API app settings and display your client Id and secret.


The Withings HIPAA and public clouds are two separate instances of the Withings Cloud. To avoid major issues, you should only use one of them.