How do I unlink a user from my partner application?

Partners cannot unlink a user from its app, however the user can do it at following link (note that CLIENTID and USERID must be replaced):


How do I create several partner applications under one account?

You can only have one partner application per account. You need to use a different account to create another partner application.

I get this error when creating or updating my partner application: This is not a valid URL

Please refer to Callback URL in the Glossary}

Can I use an IP or localhost as the callback URL or redirect URI?

Localhost and IP as the callback URL or redirect URI are not allowed. Please refer to Callback URL in the Glossary.

Do I need to create an OAuth2.0 partner application when I already have and OAuth1.0 partner application?

Please refer to the section on migration.

Once we migrate to OAuth2.0 can we still use the old OAuth1.0 token?

Tokens will still work until the OAuth1.0 (Nov. 30th 2018) is closed.

How do I avoid asking the user to allow my app during authentication every time?

Please refer to the OAuth 2.0 - Get your access token step in order to get the Access Token used to call our API and the Refresh Token used to refresh it.

How do I force a Withings customer to logout before following the OAuth2.0 process?

Redirect the customer to this URL:

https://account.withings.com/logout?r=GET_YOUR_AUTHORIZATION_CODE_ENCODED_URL. With GET_YOUR_AUTHORIZATION_CODE_ENCODED_URL as the encoded version of the /authorize2 URL.

###Why do I get a CORS policy error?

Requests from the client-side javascript or web browser is not permitted.

Why do I get this error? Invalid Params: invalid code

The code may have expired (expires after 30 seconds), so you need to request and use a new code.

Why do I get this error? Invalid_params: invalid grant_type

Make sure you did a POST call with params in the body.

Why do I get this error? Invalid_request: The client ID was not specified in the request

Make sure you did a POST call with params in the body.

I get this error: client_id not authorized

Make sure that you are not using OAuth1.0 credentials. You have to create an OAuth2.0 app and use OAuth2.0 credentials even if you previously had an OAuth1.0 app.

Why do I get this error? The redirect URI provided is missing or does not match the partner callback URL

Make sure that redirect_uri is set as the parameter and its value is specified as the Callback URL in your partner application (or contained if it is a list). It must as a minimum have the same domain.

The https://wbsapi.withings.com endpoint is not working

The correct URL is https://wbsapi.withings.net

The https://account.withings.com/oauth2_user/authorize endpoint is not working

The correct URL is https://account.withings.com/oauth2_user/authorize2

I have a notification when the user deletes his account or unlinks my app. Should I use the "Notify revoke" web service to clean my notification for this user?

This is not necessary because we send you the notification and subsequently delete the notifications for this user.

Why do I get this error? User is temporarily deactivated

When a customer wants to delete a user, there is a seven day delay to allow the customer to change their mind and reactivate it. As a partner API, you should not delete the user until the end of the delay in case the customer reactivates it. It is best to retry a call to our API once a day until the user is reactivated or deleted. If it is deleted you will receive an invalid refresh error at refresh action.

Do you have a demo user?

Refer to the [dedicated](/docs/Data API/Authentication#demo-user) section.

How to create testing data in order to have non-empty responses?

Measure - Getactivity: use a Withings/Nokia activity tracker or at least a Withings HealthMate application with the in-app tracker Measure - Getintradayactivity: same as Measure - Getactivity Sleep - v2 Get: use a sleep tracker such as Withings/Nokia Sleep or a Withings/Nokia activity tracker Sleep - v2 Getsummary: same as Sleep - v2 Get User - v2 Getdevice: install at least one Withings/Nokia device Measure - Getmeas: manually add a measurement in the Withings HealthMate application or Withings web dashboard Measure - v2 Getworkouts: manually add a workout in the Withings HealthMate application or Withings web dashboard

How do I remove my partner application?

In order to remove your partner application, data and all associated tokens, you need to request deletion using the link below. Once requested, it will be deleted after seven days and a cancel button will appear in your dashboard. Before the end of the seven-day period, you can cancel the deletion request by clicking on the cancel button. To request deletion, click here.

How do I transfer ownership of my partner application?

Please contact us to transfer ownership of your partner application.

I can't find my question here.

Please contact us, quoting your client ID in the message.