Upcoming releases

The Withings developer portal allows developers to create applications that take advantage of the Withings devices and the data they record. Developers are able to access data stored in the Health Mate app for users who have given them prior consent, including weight, body fat, activity, sleep, blood pressure and heart rate, ECG, PWV etc., and integrate them into their services.

  • The API is public.
  • It only requires you to register your application.
  • API apps are limited to 5,000 active users. If you need more users, please refer to the Enterprise plan section.
  • The request limit is 120 requests per minute for a registered partner (if you call a service for a first user and then for a second user, the request counter will increase by two requests).
  • If you need Corporate SLA and a larger number of requests per minute, please refer to the Enterprise plan section.