Can I retrieve the user’s history or just future data?

You can retrieve the user’s previous history. In fact we recommend you import at least some previous measurements if they exist right after users link their account, as a way to show the user that the connection is working.

How should I schedule my API calls ?

As much as possible you should avoid scheduling API calls at fixed times, and instead have calls be triggered by the reception of a push Notification.

Can I retrieve air quality data from the Smart Body Analyzer?

Air quality and temperature data from the Smart Body Analyzer are currently not supported

Can I put my API call’s parameter in the header?

No, all parameters must be in the URL.

Is it possible to connect my app to Nokia devices directly in Bluetooth?

No, we do not offer this possibility.

What are the parameters used to generate the oauth signature?

You must always use all parameters to generate the signature.

I'm testing my integration but I'm not receiving notifications

The most common causes for this are:

I receive constant error 250 - wrong or expired token

Are you sure to use the permanent token for your calls, as opposed to the (temporary) request token?

Can I create a subscription with several "appli" parameters at once?

No, subscription calls can only have one "appli" parameter at a time. You must make several call.

I'm still experiencing some issues, what should I include in my ticket to help you help me ?

Some samples of the full URLs you call that fail to respond appropriately will usually include all the information we need to identify the cause of the issue.

What happens if there is no data available for the timeframe I request, or part of the timeframe (for Activity or Sleep data for instance)?

When there is no data for a given day or interval, the response is empty.

What limitations exists in the requests I can make to the API?